Testimonies by YAHUWans

This is a place where testimonies from several YAHUWans can be shared, and these can cover a variety of sections. For YAHUWans, if you would like for your story to be posted, please be sure to have correct and proper grammar and the section you want your story to be posted on before e-mailing us. Please initial your first, middle and last names, and indicate the country and continent you are from.

Crisis Situations that YAHUWAH Protected or Saved You From When You Were a YAHUWan or Pre-YAHUWan?

Dreams from YAHUWAH

Have you sensed any difference in your life by using the Names of YAHUW and YAHUWAH versus using Jesus, Yeshua, Yahuwshua, Yahoshua, Iesous, etc. and 'the L_rd', Yahweh, Allah, Kri_hna, etc.?

Healing by YAHUWAH

How Did You Know the Name of YAHUWAH Almighty Loving YA of All Creation (Eloah-YA-Im) and the Savior YAHUW the MeoschiYAach?

Miracles from YAHUWAH